Company Solid manufacturing experience, deep know-how in molds construction and extensive knowledge in the design and engineering of production processes is what made us to achieve long-standing co-operations with our customers.


Dasyc S.A. is a manufacturing company in the fields of plastics, thermosets (bmc) and composites production, established in 1979. We have solid manufacturing experience and know-how as well as extensive knowledge in the design and engineering of production processes, tools and molds. In the years of our operation we developed an extensive customer portfolio, both with domestic and international companies and achieved long-standing co-operations with our customers.

From mould design and manufacture, parts production, secondary operations and final assembly to packaging and delivery, we provide a complete set of services to our customers.

Our company supplies mainly the Automotive, Military, Aeronautics, Electrical & Electronics, Home Appliances and Leisure & Sport sectors.

Apart from manufacturing, our company also provides consulting services for defense industrial co-operations & offsets. Furthermore, we own a certificate of 3rd degree, issued by the Ministry of Public Works, which allows the company to undertake public construction projects, which is complemented by a clearance certificate for NATO construction projects.

The company’s privately owned production facilities for engineering plastics cover an area of 2.500 m² and are located in Thiva, Greece while for the production of composites the company has a separate production line in Markopoulo, Attika. The head offices of the company are located in Athens.

Dasyc SA is certified in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 and the ISO 14001:2004 standards.

Lastly, the company is a member of the Hellenic Industries Association, the Hellenic Subcontracting Association, the Hellenic Plastics Industries Association, the Hellenic Aerospace & Defense Industries Group and received in 2010 the ICAP Strongest Companies in Greece insignia.