Gas Assisted Injection Molding

Dasyc, with almost four decades of experience in the injection molding production of engineering plastics parts, among the solutions that can provide to customers, Gas Assisted Injection Molding (GAIM) is also included.                                                                     

As a definition GAIM is a low-pressure process utilizing nitrogen gas to apply uniform pressure throughout the molded plastic part. By displacing molten plastic from thicker sections of the part toward areas in the cavity that are last to fill, nitrogen gas pressure creates channels within the part.  

Through the gas channels, pressure is transmitted evenly across the part, eliminating warpage, sink marks and internal stress. As a result, reductions in clamp tonnage, cycle time, and part weight are realized while the strength and rigidity of the part is increased.

Throughout the years of our operation we had the opportunity to produce a number of parts using gas-assisted injection molding.

Dasyc currently is implementing a project involving the construction of eight molds among which molds incorporating the gas-assisted injection molding are also included. The parts that will be produced are intended to be used in the shipping industry and the molds are expected to enter into production by May 2015.