Production We believe in lean manufacturing practices, quality products and on-time delivery performance. This is what made us excel in the thermoplastics injection molding, bmc and composites production.

Production Support Services

Apart from the production of parts made of thermoplastics, bmc and composites our company also offers to customers a set of services associated to the production of those parts. More specifically:

    • Tool Shop: Our production facilities incorporate a fully equipped tool shop for in-house production of molds, prototypes and special fixtures including main machinery and ancillary equipment for special treatments (polishing, special grinding, welding, hole boring etc). Our tool-shop offers modern construction procedures, full Computer Aided Manufacturing (CAM), experienced and trained personnel and advanced skills in CNC machining of complex shapes.
    • Systems or Sub-systems Assembly: We are able and have relevant experience in the assembly of systems / subsystems for our customers. In-house manufactured components and purchased items are assembled to form final products or sub-systems. The end product is then packaged and shipped to the customer. Such services fulfill the customer’s assembly procedures and specific quality plans are designed to accomplish the customer’s quality requirements.
    • Post molding operations: Various post-molding operations are offered to our customers, like ultrasonic welding (“metal insert insertion”, “plastics welding”), tampo-printing, hot-stamping, painting, or even special designed processes. In more detail the following operations are offered:
      • Conventional and CNC Machining
      • Ultrasonic Welding and Inserting
      • Riveting, cutting, gluing and painting
      • Hot-Stamping
      • Tampo-Printing
      • Application of electromagnetic compatibility coatings
    • Third parties support: In addition to the in-house operations, we also use extensively the network of subcontractors that we have developed during the years of our operation, which offers specialized products and services complementary to our own capabilities such as tool construction, special machining operations, metal treatments, plastic parts surface treatment etc.
    • Logistics: We are acquainted with all modern methods of logistics for the international shipment of goods to our customers like ship-to-line, ship-to-stock, ship-to-consignment stock, ship directly to the end-users on behalf of our customers and the KANBAN supply method.