Production We believe in lean manufacturing practices, quality products and on-time delivery performance. This is what made us excel in the thermoplastics injection molding, bmc and composites production.

Bulk Molding Compound

Dasyc started to be involved into the BMC production in the year 2007 when we first established our BMC production Department.

BMC (bulk molding compound = wet polyester) is a special material and production process, very similar to injection molding that bridges the gap between injection molding and composites production. In this production process, materials similar to composites are processed in an automated molding process. The resulting parts have similar mechanical properties to thermoplastic moldings, but thermal, chemical and electrical characteristics close to composites. Thus, BMC offers the design freedom and the cost of thermoplastics for the production of composites.

Main industries and product applications for BMC include the following:

  • Electrical & Electronics (E&E): fuses and switchgear, encapsulation of wirings and electronic circuits, electrical components with reduced surface resistivity, lamp housings
  • Automotive: under the hood components for truck and passenger cars, lighting systems, headlamp reflectors and LED lighting
  • Transportation: electrical components, track switch components
  • Engineering: functional parts in mechanical engineering as metal substitution
  • Domestic appliances: iron heat shields, coffee machine components, microwave ware, white goods components, grips and handles, pump housings as metal substitution, motor housings as metal substitution
  • Medical: surgery equipment, dental medication systems, antibacterial components

For more info on bmc applications you may visit the European Alliance for SMC/BMC website.


In July 2012, a brand new injection molding machine for wet polyester processing (bmc) was delivered to Dasyc in Greece by Krauss-Maffei and put into operation. The KM-CX 300-1400 PolySet completes the machine package in which Dasyc invested around a million euros. Two further PolySet machines for processing BMC were already delivered in 2010 and 2011. Those machines are coupled with an automatic de-flashing machine purchased from Rossler (Switzerland) and so we have now installed the first, most modern and fully operational & complete semi-automated production line for BMC parts in Greece and the surrounding area.

Photo of BMC Production Line

Indicative Projects

BMC Parts of the FOCUS New Generation Electronic Power Meter for Landis+Gyr