Production We believe in lean manufacturing practices, quality products and on-time delivery performance. This is what made us excel in the thermoplastics injection molding, bmc and composites production.


Dasyc is active in the composites parts production field for almost 15 years and specializes in the production of parts for various industries such as aeronautics, defense, automotive, marine constructions and leisure & sports markets. We are able to supply from single components to complete subsystems offering a series of post molding operations which include machining, cutting, assembling, riveting and painting.

Our production capabilities do not have an actual limitation in product weight and size. The materials used in the production include fabrics from carbon fibers, glass-fibers, kevlar-fibers and a wide range of resins, including two-component epoxy resins and polyester resins while we implement RTM, Light RTM, Resin Infusion and Wet Lay-up production methods.

1. Equipment

In our facilities we operate top-of-the-class equipment in the production of composites, which in brief is the following:

Machine Type Manufacturer Country of Origin Description
RTM Machine Isojet France Two Components Epoxy (2×20 lt)
RTM Machine Isojet France Two Components Epoxy (2x10lt)
RTM Machine Wolfangel Germany Two Component Polyester (Plunger)
RTM Machine Wolfangel Germany Two Component Polyester (Portable, Plunger and for Spray-Up)


2. Indicative Projects

rafale fighter rafale fighter

Composite Electrical Junction boxes for the Rafale Fighter


Carbon-fiber Spear Gun for Demka



3. Transportable Hangars

In 2010 Dasyc has designed the Composite Modular and Transportable Hangar (CMTH). The CMTH is designed with unique characteristics which, among others, allow rapid assembly / disassembly, transportation and deployment into any location.

The patented engineering of the CMTH is made in such a way that the hangar is produced in prefabricated panels, which can be easily assembled in the designated deployment location. All panels are manufactured from composite materials (“sandwich” type) which provide ease of manufacture, thermo-insulating characteristics and simplicity of assembly.

Dasyc successfully delivered in 2014 three CMTHs to the Hellenic Air Force. For more info on the CMTH please visit our website