Production We believe in lean manufacturing practices, quality products and on-time delivery performance. This is what made us excel in the thermoplastics injection molding, bmc and composites production.

Injection Molding

The company has extensive experience (since 1979) in the thermoplastics injection molding production with a significant customer portfolio. Our production line is flexible to undertake the production of complex / simple components, in high or low quantities depending on the needs of the customer. Combined with our production support services, such as post-molding operations and assembly, we are in a position to offer sustainable reliability and maximum efficiency.

Although wide experience exists in the processing of almost all thermoplastic materials, Dasyc is focused in the processing of engineering thermoplastic materials with improved characteristics. Please refer to the Materials Processed section to see an indicative list of materials we have processed during the years of our operation.

Apart from the standard injection molding production process, we also offer Gas Assisted Injection Molding (GAIM), which is a substantial evolution in the field of plastics injection molding production process. In GAIM packing of the molded polymer inside the cavity is obtained by the introduction of high pressure nitrogen leading to stress-free hollow injection moldings without sink marks.

Materials Processed

The table below presents indicative materials that we have processed in the past:

Material Grade (Producer) Comments
PC Lexan (Sabic)Makrolon (Bayer) Clear grades, UV stabilized (LEXAN 163), flame retardant (Markolon 6557, Lexan 943A), glass fiber filled (Lexan 500R). 50 % Clear parts.
PA Durethan (Bayern) Ultramid (BASF)Zytel (Du Pont) Standard PA6 and PA66 with or without glass fiber
PBTPET Valox (Sabic)Pocan (Bayern)Rynite (Du Pont) Standard grades, flame retardant (Valox 310 SE0), grades filledwith glass fibers.
ABS Cycolac (Sabic) Terluran (BASF) Novodur (Bayern) Standard grades, anti-static grades (Cycolac AMAS), Heat Resistant (Cycolac XMAA), Flame Retardant (Novodur L3FR, Cycolac G151) , grades filled with carbon fibers (Faradex -DSM), etc.
PEI Ultem (Sabic) A thermoplastic polyetherimide (PEI) resin
PPS Ryton (Philips Petroleum) Fortron (Hoechst)
PC-ABSPC-ASA Bayblend (Bayer) Cycoloy (Sabic)Luran S (Basf) High heat stabilized and flame retardant grades.
PEPPPS Commodity plastics. 80% Clear PS cosmetic parts.
ASA Luran S (Basf)
POM Hostaform (Hoechst) Derlin (Du Point) Standard grades, high viscosity grades UV stabilized (Derlin 107), Teflon contained grades (Delrin 500AF, Hostaform C9021TF)
PMMA Plexiglas (Roehm)
TPU Ellastolan (Bayer)Desmopan (Bayer)
PPSU Radel (Solvay Plastics) Radel R-5000
PVDF Solvay Solexis Solef 1008
TPE-O Santoprene (ExxonMobil Chemicals) Thermoplastic Elastomere (olephinic)
TPE-S EVOPRENE (Evode Plastics) Thermoplastic Elastomere (styrenic)
PEEK Victrex A polymer regarded as one of the highest performing materials in the world


The company operates today 14 injection molding machines, ranging from 60 up to 520 tons clamping force, which operate 24 hours a day, 5 days per week. Our injection molding machines are supplied from the world’s most known machine manufacturers, like Krauss-Maffei, Arburg and Negri Bosi.

In addition, automatic material feeding and drying supplied from Colortronic UK Ltd. as well as automated cells for post-molding operations offer a complete, modern production environment.

Indicative Projects

Pedestal Assembly for IBM AS 400 Systems

Plastics Parts of the Ferraris Electro-Mechanical Power Meters for Landis+Gyr

Carl – Gustaff Ammunition Container for HDS S.A.

Engine-mount hydro-mechanical subsystem for the VW GOLF